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Great site, Maggie. Thanks for creating a lasting tribute to Fortes Mentum.
Only criticism is that when you go to the All About Fortes Mentum page, you're greeted by a cacophony of sounds, as all 6 songs play at once! Good as the songs are, it's best to play them one at a time. ;-)
I'm sure fans of the band know about the 2 CD album Pussy & Fortes Mentum - Pussy Plays Plus & Humdiggle We Love You, on the Morgan Blue Town label ‎– MBTDD002. Available from Secret Records for £8.99.
All the best,
I believe Danny co-wrote and did orchestral arrangements for the concept album 'Intergalactic Touring Band' which featured a range of well known performers (inc. Rod Argent, Meatloaf, Dave Cousins, Annie Halsam, Ben E. King and Status Quo) in 1976 - worth checking out.
Hi i remember Fortus Mentum. My Dad was friends with Franks Dad. He bought the single humdiggle we love you i think it was. It was one song i could play cos dad bought it lol. Hope Franks well Dad and I often talked about Frank and his dad. Best wishes to all xx
became aware of the marvelous Fortes Mentum by way of the Morgan Blue Town-inspired anthology House of Many Windows, but I am keen to hear more than just Ballad of a Wrinkled Man; what a fantastic webpage!!!!
I have a signed single sleeve retrieved from my parent's loft: my dad helped the van off the baot coming back from Belgium in the sixties!!!
Great information on this group. I have looked for information on them over the years and just today I got it. We enjoyed these pages very much ehich gave us lovely memories and would like to say thank you to the Fortes Mentum.
I've just purchased the double CD Pussy Plays/Fortes Mentum and just want to add that it's great to own more tracks written by Danny Beckerman (whom I knew over 43 years ago)
Len Abrahams
Why dont Fortes Mentum regroup? The music is timeless.
Great stuff. I have have only just discovered Fortes Mentum - what a find!
Oh My! Where did the years go? I remember this group very well! They were great. I am very glad that they are all still working musicians and how the years look as if they have been very kind to them.
I have always loved Mr Partridge, which I first heard 5 -10 yrs ago on a long forgotten compilation cd. This B-side is typically gentle English psychedelia with plenty of light and shade, what a terrific track.
of choice
I remember this band at the Marquee when I was underage and slipped in with my brother. They had a profound effect on me then and I became a musician because of them! I have had a successful career in music and now my son is in the same game, so they have a lot to answer for. Thanks for making this great web site and showing todays kids that we weren't always old farts.
Hi Bob Turner again should have mentioned last time, I was with Frank and the lads in the studio when they were recording Marrakesh bit of a laugh really the sounds of battle were made by us hitting music stands with metal rulers. Those were the days.
Great to find this page! Frank Bennett played with me (American musician living in Germany) in 1965 in Germany with "The Statesmen" for a few years, the group went on without me when I left in 1966. He went on to higher places, I'm still living and working in Germany,

All the best,
As a 17 year old lad, I remember seeing Frank & the rest of the band do a few gigs at the Starlight Ballroom, Crawley. Like a lot of people at the time, i was in complete awe! They sounded great & were visually stunning in there fabulous stage outfits! Little did i know, that a few years later i would end up playing in a band with Frank! The man was my idol, he is a great pro & i will always be grateful for the times we played together.
Hi Frank remember the days in France i think it was 1960/61. Gill sends her love she is a granny now but still lovely.
All the best
Bob & Gill
Hi Ron, remember me from Peterlee (now in Liverpool) Luv to catch up. Remember my old Gibson just been valued at £20,000!

Best wishes

Alex H
Great to see my brother Frank on this site, We grew up surronded by music. My dad was a very good singer and Frank obviously inherited his talent. My teenage years was full of drums and guitars going in and out of the house where their always seemed to be a band practice. Great days and great memories. Frank's love of music has endured which is a great gift.
Thanks for putting this site together.
to all the five and a half thousand visitors to our site thanks for looking and keeping the memories alive. it has been great to hear the new cd from secret records and hope you all enjoy it. Merry christmas and happy new year...RONALD REGAN Bass Fortes Mentum
Just bought your new album or should I say your old made new album. I bought it as a Christmas present for my dad who is a big fan but I love it and am keeping it for myself. How about a reunion gig? from Paula. Rochester, Kent
good news all fortes fans i saw on amazom that a fortes album is coming out with all their original recordings in november, also the pussy album pussy plays. I saw fortes mentum in the top ten club hamburg in 1969 and on the german tv playing their latest disc...once seen never forgotten long live the band
Did you know that they play Fortes Mentum a lot on Dutch radio? I can not remember which stations but when I was there I heard them on more than one. Great web site Thank you
I never realised my Dad was such a legend!
Lovely website - great info and pics.
Hi all,
Radio Luxembourg 208 played \"I can\'t go on loving you\" and \"Gotta go\" and I was totally stunned when I heard
these songs around 1968 and 1969. I recorded them
on a reel to reel player and after searching for the
records I found them in different auction-sites 7-8 years
ago. This is timeless music and I will never get tired of
these songs. Thank you, Fortes Mentum!
Stockholm Sweden
it\'s great to see info about this great band. As a worldwide fan i\'d like to see the lyrics of their songs. Also i\'d like more informations about their gigs(what songs they played live...) or if there\'s unreleased songs...
Last if there is more information about Danny Beckerman\'s next project Pussy.

thank you
Hey hello there! I was your lighting man for a couple of london gigs with my brother Paul. Nice to see u are still around. I will e mail you. Great site with a lot of information. Please, more on Danny Beckerman?.
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The following message is a wind up from our barmy friend Dominic but it did make us laugh! My dear sister Lizzie told me about this site which brought back so many happy memories. I first saw Fortes Mentum on the front at Rhyl, it must have been 1968 and I\'ve never been the same since! Oooooh, they don\'t make them like that any more. Our Lizzie came over all queer. I\'ll be 89 in March and would love to hear FM again, though I\'m a bit deaf these days. Lovely they were. Fondest memories, Dol
Hi there, I too remember Fortes Mentum, I am almost 70 now but I enjoyed listening to your music again. My best wishes to all of you and thank you for your contribution to my musical youth. yours truly Lizzie F
Lovely, lovely memories , Ron and the boys
Can I purchase Fortes Mentum memorabilia? I will e mail you. Great, very interesting site.
Great website Marjorie! I love the music.
A new Fortes Metnum fan and your neighbour -
Oh how lovely, brought back many memories
those nignts at the whisky a gogo in wardour street london are etched in my brain, really great days, I MEAN GREAT NIGHTS You were a class act good luck Graham Bundy
I saw you guys on tv in March 1969 live from kiel...boy you were hot hot hot. I still play that song \'I CAN\'T GO ON LOVING YOU\' ...ALL THE BEST HEIDI
I worked with Ron all over the UK. when he was with Nuts & Bolts, they were a funny act. Good to hear you are still at it! Great Fortes mentum web site!